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102: A Little Piece of Good

I had a little piece of good today

but lost it along the way

some lonely thought stole it from me

but return it will

like waves of the sea

Continuing the blend of words and works begun a week ago, here’s another poem and painting recently completed. The words arrived as a gentle bestowal–I almost had nothing to do but write them down as they came into consciousness–they just appeared–whole, complete, finished almost instantly. Then the painting evolved over days into weeks. The poem was so happy to find its companion painting! Like best friends, or lovers, they knew they belonged together.  The poem’s words dance throughout the swirls of paint, hiding and reappearing. Each medium takes a turn to lead or follow, but both unite for the good of the whole.

When we feel the joy of good’s presence, but then lose it when some ugly thought challenges, we can know good is not gone. Like waves upon the beaches of Maine, Michigan, or the West coast, where I, and likely you, too, have loved walking, the waters roll out only to return. So, too, good never really leaves, and will faithfully lap again at mind’s shore.

A Little Piece of Good, oil/mixed media, 30" x 30", gallery edge, $1,200 by Gwendolyn Evans

A Little Piece of Good, oil/mixed media, 30″ x 30″, gallery edge, $1,200 by Gwendolyn Evans

Artwork:  A Little Piece of Good, oil/mixed media, 30″ x 30″, gallery edge, $1,200. For more than 3 decades I’ve loved painting abstracts. The spiritual is well conveyed by this means. Mixing mediums–oil, pastel, pencil, charcoal, collage–on canvas creates textures that transcend mere reproduction of what the eye sees. There is a time and place for each way of working, depending on what one wishes to transmit to the viewer, what one feels led to create.

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