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121: I keep coming back to Truth

Truth has been a subject of this blog a number of times, but I can’t let it go. The concept is too important. It can’t be ignored. Truth needs to be uppermost in thoughts and acts. Truth cannot be dismissed because our days are too busy, nor blocked by misconceptions, nor pushed to the side by little white lies, nor forgiven because it’s easier than calling out the wrong, nor can building falsehoods be seen as more favorable than factual truth.

Many years ago, in a quiet moment, this thought came to me which I’ve held close ever since:  Truth: Half of it is none of it. It came like a gift–a divine message to consciousness to hold on to and live by.

How often we hear someone say an untruth or a partial truth and we just let it go? We know it was not really true so we let it pass. We know what the truth should have been, so we overlook the lie. But truth matters! Mankind has nothing to hold onto if not the truth. Who we really are and what we value is wrapped around truth. A little bit of truth now and then won’t suffice. We need all of it all the time because half of it is none of it.

We get used to hearing and saying untruths. A repairman says, “I’ll be there next week” but never shows. A child called for dinner says, “I’m coming!” but comes 15 minutes later. A husband makes an excuse for something he promised to do but didn’t do. A worker pretends he’s working when he’s really playing online. A woman deflects a compliment when she’s really grateful to receive it. Of course, these small instances of speaking untruths do not compare to cheating stealing, and lying. We could look to politicians if we want a list of consequential, even disastrous, untruths. Any liar needs to be held accountable, especially those whose words and actions impact others. We need to speak up whenever truth is in jeopardy. What is truth but the real? Facts to be faced. The light of understanding. The means to solve problems. The way to find the right direction. The content of happiness. Ignoring or not caring about truth or wallowing in lies only leads to our own misery.

When each of us demands truth of ourselves, our children, and others, the world becomes a better place.

Truth: Half of It Is None of It, oil, 24" x 24" $975 by Gwendolyn Evans

Truth: Half of It Is None of It, oil, 24″ x 24″ $975 by Gwendolyn Evans

ArtworkTruth: Half of It Is None of It, oil, 24″ x 24″ $975. Recently finished, this abstract on canvas is one of a series that includes my poetry and thoughts. Words unite with shapes and colors, offering deeper connotation. The complimentary colors (opposite hues on the color wheel) of orange and blue suggest the challenge of whole truth to prevail over half-truths.

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