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128: Honesty

One word stands out to me more than any other:  HONESTY. When you find an honest man join him. When you gain an honest friend, hang on to her. When you see an honest leader, vote for him. When you have an honest government support it. When you discover an honest pastor, an honest teacher, an honest worker, an honest writer, an honest company, an honest anyone or anything don’t let it go. Appreciate, learn, love anyone who is honest, anything that is honest. Magnify honesty in all your endeavors.

Likewise, abandon anything that is dishonest. Stay away from dishonest thinkers. Dishonest ways. Dishonest media and means. Dishonesty creates a dystopian fantasy world of deception, coercion, and confusion. It only leads to trouble and away from truth.

We need truth. Truth is honesty’s faithful companion. Together, the two make the world go round. They make a day sparkle. They shine light on the path leading to what really matters. They lead to good. Without them life is meaningless.

Not one iota of dishonesty or untruthfulness should ever be tolerated. We need to honor both honesty and truth, to make them essential in our lives, to stand up for them–always and under all circumstances.

Much like a little child loves her favorite hat, wear honesty as if it were a divine garment of light; it is.

Portrait of Olivia, framed pastel, approx. 18" x 24". By Gwendolyn Evans. Gift given. 

Portrait of Olivia, framed pastel, approx. 18″ x 24″. By Gwendolyn Evans. Gift given.

Artwork: Portrait of Olivia, framed pastel, approx18″ x 24″. Gift given.  Children are a delight to paint because they beam joy. I’ve done portraits since I was 14 to the present. Capturing human likeness and the essence of a person can be challenging but worth the effort. Pastel is one of my favorite mediums for portraiture, as it was for Mary Cassatt.

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