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54: Timely Questions

The time for thinkers has come and here are questions I hope they can answer about Ukraine:

  1. I read that half of the 710 Russian missiles are coming from inside Russia, but the other half largely from “Russian systems inside Ukraine”. Being that these systems are in theirowncountry, why can’t Ukrainian soldiers destroy these missile systems if we (US and NATO) give them what they need to do so?
  1. As so many have stated, this isPutin’s war, so why not get rid of the source of conflict:  Putin?  We got rid of Saddam Hussein under Bush. And, under Obama, Osama Ben Laden and more than 120 top ISIL leaders were taken out (WilsonCenter.org), and 42 historically-verifiable plots were attempted on Hitler. I would think a nuclear-weapon-laden terrorist like Putin is far more dangerous to the entire world, and therefore, more essential to be eliminated. How is it o.k. to allow Putin to kill thousands of innocent mothers and babies but we can’t get rid of him?
  1. What is the U.S. and NATO doing to rid Russia of misinformation about the war? Many Russians are supporting Putin because they believe his lies. They need the truth!
  1.  Ukraine is hourly begging for help from the US and NATO. I heard Kirby of our defense dept. say it “would not be prudent” to give Ukraine what they ask for–the planes and a no-fly-zone. When has a war ever been “prudent”? Ukraine is protecting freedom for us all—ought we not help them at all costs?
  1. We seem distant–easy to watch/read about a catastrophic war on TV/online/newspapers–not feelingthe actual death and destruction Ukrainians are experiencing. How can the U.S., the most powerful nation in the world, not be clever enough to figure out how to stop Putin?  Sanctions, though essential, won’t stop Putin’s killing innocent civilians. This is not a war to be played on table tops with little figures or relegated to continuous “conversations”.
  1.  This is an immoral, senseless war. How moral are we if we can’t end it? What good is our power and money and might if we can’t defend freedom when asked?
  1. Putin audaciously invaded a peaceful nation. The U.S. and NATO needs to be more audacious to stop him.

 Until we can honestly answer these questions and boldly risk our own comfort and safety, we cannot say we support democracy.

Audacity, oil, 11" x 11," framed (beautiful aqua textured frame), $475 by Gwendolyn Evans

Audacity, oil, 11″ x 11,” framed (beautiful aqua textured frame), $475 by Gwendolyn Evans

Artwork:   Audacity, oil, 11″ x 11,” framed (beautiful aqua textured frame), $475. I truly love this painting–its energy and color excite me! I’m grateful it “came.” As I painted, it billowed into being, a bit brash for good cause. Its title comes from all the causes I’ve chosen to fight for in my limited time on earth–issues for schools, church, women, children, community, world.  Just as taking a principled stand matters, so risk-taking is essential to a productive life.

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