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89: My Christmas Card for 2022

Christmas Comes, Reminding Us

Like a soft snow on a sunny morning,
Christmas comes, glowing with what really matters, lighting up the day,
reminding us to love one another, even enemies,
reminding us to be a candle set on a candlestick, not hidden under a bushel,
reminding us to be light in the darkness, brightening another’s way,
reminding us to take no thought for material things, seeking heavenly treasure,
reminding us to be who we are, the sons and daughters of God.

Early Snow, oil, 10"x10," $375 by Gwendolyn Evans

Early Snow, oil, 10″x10,” $375 by Gwendolyn Evans

ArtworkEarly Snow, oil, 10″x10,” $375. This painting and poem “came to me” after thinking about the Sermon on the Mount–the essence of Christ Jesus’ teachings found in Matthew 5-7.

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