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•grapple •inspire •liberate

As a woman constantly searching to understand truth and apply it to living, I have discovered my voice most clearly through words and works as an artist. For years I’ve taught courses in art and women’s studies, cared for girls and women as teacher, spiritual practitioner, CASA, mother, friend, and more. Now I share boldly–not just paintings on gallery wall or words in a journal, newspaper, or book I’ve written–but my personal grappling for answers or deeply loved insights that float into consciousness as divine gifts. Might communicating what has come to me over decades help another? In beginning this website, I hope so. None of us has all the answers. But we do have the right and ability to ask questions. Always questions. And in doing so come some answers and at least a better understanding of life.

Last night (between 2 and 5 AM–the best time for creativity, I find) it “came to me” to create Voice and Vision one woman’s Words and Works–it “came” to me exactly like that! Every word as seen here. My goal “came”, too: to reach women who for far too long have been voiceless or whose vision seems lost (actually, anyone may follow this site, for it is not gender exclusive) to encourage them to find their particular voice and vision through the words, works, and experiences I share. V&V (short for Voice and Vision) was born in the glow of early morning light with trumpets and bright banners to include topics, how, what, when, and frequency of postings. Following this fanfare of an idea, it was clear to post fresh words and art once a week–every Sunday (isn’t that supposed to be a day of rest? Moms need that! So does everyone). So my first post will be Sunday, April 4, 2021, which happens to be Easter. The topic will be Rejected.

Please visit my website every Sunday. Eventually, there may be a way for us to communicate, but for now, just come and see what’s here.

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